An alternative way for people to gift.

Give people the gifts and experiences...they'll actually want!

Instead of waste, contribute towards something that will delight.

connectagift connects everyone together to chip in towards one big group gift.

Think about the number of gifts that we have received that we either don’t like or don't need. It happens so often; we stash them away eventually recycle them or send them to landfill. Such waste!

Wouldn’t it be easier to say what we want?

Imagine, if our family and friends could contribute cash towards a wished-for and wanted gift? It would save everyone wasting time over thinking the perfect gift to buy and wasting money on something that is not wanted.

Then guests will know what they are contributing to and the receiver will get what they really want.

Everyone will be happy!




connectagift provides an alternative online group gifting concept suitable for all occasions or a fundraiser.


connectagift is suitable for everyone, or create a surprise for someone else. It's easy...create an Event Page, outline a wished-for-gift the share the unique URL. Guests contribute, leave a message and upload photos to an Event Album. Then personalise and send Thank You cards.


connectagift Gift-givers contribute cash (securely) towards gifts that are actually wanted in a thoughtful and meaningful way.



Group Gifting just got better.

Welcome to connectagift


Hi, I'm Jan Little, the founder of connectagift. My husband, our dog Roly and a cat called George live in a beautiful coastal town on the west coast of Victoria, Australia.

Creating connectagift is a way we can save on waste and hopefully bring joy to many – by connecting people together to achieve a person’s wanted gift, a surprise for someone special or fundraiser.

Organising a collection towards a Group Gift isn't a new idea. People have been collecting cash towards gifts or charities forever. But this digital version is meaningful, creative, collaborative and much more secure and efficient - than just passing the hat around!



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