Help with Wording

Ideas for creating your Event Page and Thank You cards

Make it personal - you are inviting people to contribute towards a special gift you really want or need.

Always be transparent and clear, be yourself and use thoughtful language to your friends and family. Be gracious and caring in your expressions. Keep it simple.

People want to know that they are contributing to a gift you really want.

We prefer to use the words contribution, fund or donation instead of cash or money.

Let your guests know what you would like as a gift. Your friends and family would rather give you something that you want or need.
Let your guests know how special they are to you.
Say thank you – send your guests a note of appreciation for their contribution, it is important to show how grateful you are.

Choose one of our Thank You card templates and personalise it.
Don’t forget to say Thank You.

Wording ideas

Event Page


It’s my party and I hope you have reserved the date. I am looking forward to sharing time with you all on my special day. So I can save you time and you do not have to think too hard. I thought I would let you know that I really would love a new camera. If you would like to make a contribution I would be extremely grateful.

Jane is putting herself out on a limb. Cos being a student has made income thin. Instead of a present please give a donation. She hopes it’s not awkward, she doesn't want to embarrass. But the thing she wants most is a trip to Paris.

It’s my 30th. It’s time to celebrate and have fun with all my wonderful friends and family! I am dreaming of a new computer. If you would like to help me along I would be so grateful.


Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you do wish to make a gesture, a contribution towards our honeymoon would be much appreciated.

You all know us well enough to understand that we don’t like tradition and the way things are usually done. If you’d like to gift a contribution towards our new……it would be gratefully received.


It’s a Graduation celebration, I have finally got my degree! After all the years taken to achieve this I am planning on a holiday overseas. If you would like to see me fulfil this dream a contribution towards this trip would be gratefully received.

Baby Showers

We are going wild with excitement, our baby will soon arrive. We would love to purchase some new nursery items to complete our new room. Your helping us achieve this will be gratefully received.


After years of hard work and dedication - it’s time to take a vacation! I dream of time spent in Greece and if you would like to contribute to my journey, I would be forever grateful.

Thank You Cards

Birthdays/Weddings/Anniversaries or any special occasion

My warmest gratitude for the special gift you gave on my birthday. I want you to know that was very thoughtful and generous. I will use the money to buy the espresso machine I have only ever dreamt of. Thank you so much!

Your birthday gift was really amazing! I just can’t believe that I can buy my new digital camera. Thank you!

Thank you for being there on my birthday and for your generosity. Thank you! Words can’t express how grateful I am.

Baby Shower/New Arrival

Thank you for coming to the baby shower. We plan to deposit the gifted amount in the bank for the baby’s future. Thank you once again!

Thank you so much for your gift. We are so lucky to have such a lovely friend in our lives. Its is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Show your appreciation and express how grateful you are that your friends and family have shared in your wished-for gift.