What is connectagift?

connectagift connects people together to organise a collection to fund a gift for you or a surprise gift.
Create a unique event page and share – it’s that easy!.

Can be used for

Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Graduations, Teacher/Coaches, Farewell, Get Well, Retirement - simply any special occasion or a needs-based fundraiser.

 Eliminates waste & stress

People no longer need to waste time agonising over purchasing the perfect gift. connectagift helps eliminate all this stress, wasted time, money and people receiving unwanted gifts. connectagift also reduces the stress an organiser of a group gift usually experiences.

A better way to gift

We are not saying that your guests must contribute cash to you. We are offering a better way to gift.

Safe & secure

Our web platform is secured with SSL Certification. We chose Stripe as our secure payment gateway. All funds received are deposited into a nominated bank account. Stripe has been audited by a Payment Card Industry (PCI) -certified auditor, and is certified to PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1.  For info on Stripe go to our FAQ - About Stripe

How connectagift works

1. Register and create a Page outlining the wished-for gift or fundraising Event.

Step 1 – Register
  • Enter your name, or persons name if it's a surprise or the name the fundraising event, add email address, create a password and Submit. The Create Event Page will open.
Step 2 – Create
  • View example of an Event Page.
  • Complete all fields and upload images to create your event and outline your wished-for gift.
  • You must use a profile photo and main header image, you can add 1 to 5 extra Gallery photos if you choose, they are optional.
  • If you are creating an Event/Fundraiser for someone else use their photo or a suitable image as the profile photo.
  • Take your time, save your work and go back to it whenever you choose by using the Save and Preview
  • When your Event Page is completed, click on Publish Event. You will be transferred to our payment platform Stripe.
Step 3 – Go Live – Stripe Account
  • You are now redirected to Stripe, our secure payment platform
  • For more info on Stripe: https://stripe.com/about
  • View annotated screenshot of the Stripe form.
  • Set up your Stripe account if you do not already have one.
  • Refer to annotated Stripe form for instructions. Once Stripe set up is complete click button to authorise. Your Event Page automatically will go live. You will return to connectagift Share Event Page.
  • If you have a Stripe account, login to your account. Your Event Page automatically will go live. You will return to connectagift Share Event Page.
  • That’s it, share your URL and start accepting card payments.

2. Share your unique connectagift URL with family & friends.

  • The URL allows guests to access your Event Page.
  • We do not make public or publish your URL.

3. Guests access your Event Page

  • Guests can gift you cash funds towards a wished-for gift or towards a fundraising event.
  • Visa, MasterCard and Amex are accepted.
  • The amount that guests gift is not public.
  • Guests may also leave a personal message and upload photos onto a special Event Album.

4. Create a personalised Thank You card to express your gratitude.

  • Choose one of our Thank You card templates, personalise it and send. You can sent one card to all or a seperate card to each person. The choice is yours.
  • View examples of a Thank You card.

How much does it cost?

Our fee and Stripe’s fee will be deducted from the amount contributed and the balance transferred into the nominated bank account of the Event Creator. Our fee is 5.00% of the amount contributed. The Stripe fees are set out below.

Currently, in Australia the Stripe fee is 1.75% + 30¢ for domestic cards and Amex. For International cards the charge is 2.9% + 30¢.

Example in Australian dollars using Visa, MasterCard and Amex:


International transactions will incur a 2% fee for the currency conversion. (August 2016)

Need to know more?